Flu Season

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I know it's mid-February, and we've been in flu season for a while. This post may seem a little late to the party, but unfortunately, just this past Friday, the acting director or the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that that current flu season is "still on the rise." Based on the number of people getting sick and visiting doctors for flu-like symptoms, this year is turning out to be one of the worst on record. We all need to continue to be vigilant about our health for our own sake and to prevent spreading infections to others.

Today I'd like to share my family's approach to flu season -- especially one this bad. But first, I'm going to tell you what we intentionally are NOT doing:

  • We are not running out to get a toxic metal laden vaccine for the flu.
  • We are not avoiding all public places or getting worried when we are around friends with symptoms for the fear of infection.
  • We are not taking high doses of Vitamin C in an attempt to give our immune systems a boost.

All of these things are changes for our family since embracing a completely natural and preventive approach to health and wellness. As a veteran, I used to stand in line with all the other service members for my yearly vaccination. I knew I wasn't doing my body any favors at the time, but I felt powerless to exert my preferences. I understand vaccination is a very personal decision, but I encourage everyone to explore the reasons why many choose not to vaccinate. When I look at hair tests, I can see the build-up of toxic metals and resulting imbalances. Some of those metals likely were directly injected along with a vaccine, making them completely optional and avoidable.

I remember just a few years ago being afraid of every cough and sneeze that we were exposed to, thinking and knowing that my daughter would likely catch whatever was going around. It pains me to share that it definitely made me think twice about hanging out with friends sometimes or going to public places like the aquarium or library. My, how life is different these days! I can prioritize relationships above all else, knowing that our bodies are strong enough to withstand potential infections.

When we would get sick, we used to load up on herbal teas and natural remedies, not knowing that even though they were natural, they were still remedies and would not likely lead to a complete restoration of our health. Most people are walking around with a dozen or more subclinical or latent infections in their bodies from incompletely healed past illnesses. We know this because as people heal on a nutritional balancing program, they briefly revisit these illnesses as they drive out the very last remnants from their bodies. If you balance out your body, your risk of infection is much lower and your body is capable of completely healing itself in most instances.

Now that I've given you a look into what we used to do during flu season, here's what my family does to thrive during flu season now. It might be surprising, but we do the exact same things we do all year long to support our health.

1. We are praying for those affected and thanking God for our good health. Cultivating an attitude of gratefulness definitely affects many areas of our health positively. Remembering that there are people who are getting sick and even dying of this illness, reminds us to be grateful for our health knowledge and state and to reach out to those in need.

2. We are all using the near infrared sauna daily for at least 10-20 minutes. Shining a red heat lamp or better yet, spending time in near infrared sauna helps boost your immune system and kill off bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections. This is excellent in appropriate doses for people of all ages when supervised by someone trained in sauna therapy.

  • You can purchase a near infrared sauna or light panel from my company Healing Hut Saunas.
  • You can also do single light therapy for less than $40 by buying a shop light cage and a 250W Philips or GE brand red heat lamp bulb and shining it on your chest daily for 10-20 minutes. (These are Amazon affiliate links which add no additional cost to you, but do provide me a very small commission should you purchase the product. You can also often get these items at your local hardware store. I provide the links so you know what to look for as some other brands of the bulbs are not recommended.)

3. We are taking our normal supplements to continue to balance our body chemistry. When your body is balanced, diseases cannot thrive. Your immune system is fully supported to do its job and biological toxins simply cannot thrive in a balanced body.

4. We are eating a diet of 70% cooked vegetables, humanely raised proteins, limited dairy and added fat according to our oxidation rates. Eating in this way helps balance the body and provides so many vitamins and minerals to build up your alkaline reserves. We strictly avoid sugars, even those in fruit, knowing that sugars negatively impact our immune systems and feed biological toxins.

5. I am taking a coffee enema daily to make sure my liver is functioning optimally and able to process out toxins. The coffee enema helps clean my blood and ensures that my major detox systems are able to do their jobs.

6. We are going to bed between 8 and 9pm, knowing that a rested body is much more disease resistant. 

What if you didn't have to fear infection? What if you could just keep on doing what you do everyday, knowing that you are doing your very best for your health and well-being? What if you were the one on whom others could rely during times of national or local illness? As you heal yourself on this program, you become a beacon for your family and community, stronger in so many different areas of you life and body, able to reach out and extend healing to those around you.

I wish you the very best of health this flu season and hope these tips help keep you in health! If you'd like to go further and start a complete nutritional balancing program, you can contact me to chat for free about my services.