Diet Change Alone Is Not Enough

In our experience, diet alone is not ordinarily enough to cause the enormous lasting energy and health gains that result from proper supplementation and detoxification. Eating incorrectly can certainly negate any work you are doing through supplementation; however, eating correctly without supplementation is still too random and imprecise to reset your mineral levels and ratios to their ideals. 

Everyone Needs Supplements

We believe that supplementation is required for health and wellness for every single person living today. Most people accept that under special circumstances the human body needs extra nutrition beyond what food can provide. The most well known example for women is getting enough folate during pregnancy because deficiencies very clearly lead to complications. Beyond pregnancy or body building, supplementation begins to get a little less main-stream. Some of the reasons we all need to supplement include:

  • Food today is less nutritious than it was 100 years ago - Higher yield farming has produced more food per square acre, meaning the nutrients in the soil are divided among a greater number of plants.
  • The sun does not provide enough Vitamin D - Clogged skin leads to poor absorption.
  • Poor treatment of animals - Feeding farm animals grain reduces the omega-3 fatty acid content of the meat and creates dietary deficiencies.
  • Increased toxic metals and chemicals - Cell phone radiation, pollution, toxic cleaning products, increased vaccination and increased medication all require a stronger body to reduce absorption.
  • Balancing your body chemistry requires specific proportions of certain minerals - It is impossible to determine exactly which nutrients you are getting from food. Supplementation gives us a controlled way to ensure you are getting what your body needs. 

Is Supplementation Based on Hair Analysis Safe?

The simple answer is, yes. By using your hair, we scientifically know and choose to provide exactly what your body needs. We are not in the business of chasing symptoms to make them go away, but of replenishing your minerals to optimal levels so your health can shine through. We will go even farther to say that if you are taking any supplements WITHOUT a hair analysis first, you are likely wasting your money or at worst making your health decline. Without knowing what your body needs, you may be providing the wrong amount or kinds of minerals and aggravating your health concerns rather than alleviating them. As your health improves, we recommend retesting your hair so that your supplements continue to support the current state of your body.

People are often scared off by mainstream medical authorities cautioning against the "unregulated supplement industry." When you compare healing the body through mineral realignment to traditional medical drug therapy, the dichotomy is almost laughable. We have been trained to report a symptom to our doctor and receive a remedy with side effects, but, hey, at least that first symptom is suppressed! It does not have to be like that. When you heal your body through diet, supplementation, and detoxification, there are no side effects. You will go through healing reactions, which you can read about here. These are not side effects because they are not new health concerns. Healing reactions are evidence of deep healing as the body releases hidden toxins, traumas and illness.

Tens of thousands of people die each year from medical drugs and countless more experience unpleasant side effects. There have been less than 10 deaths from nutritional supplements in the United States since the government started keeping records about 23 years ago (as of 2014). Upon further investigation, it was determined that none of those deaths were caused by the nutrients the person was taking. 

We have given a complete nutritional balancing program including supplements to hundreds of pregnant and lactating women with no adverse results. The women and their children are stronger and healthier. For more information on the use of nutritional balancing during pregnancy and lactation please read this article (coming soon!).

Is Supplementation Based on Hair Analysis Effective?

The levels and ratios of minerals in your hair reflect the levels and ratios of minerals in your body. This was proven by Dr. Paul Eck, the founder of Nutritional Balancing science after reviewing and analyzing over 125,000 hair samples. He continued on to review over 500,000 hair samples during his life. Dr. Eck correlated the hair mineral levels to health patterns. He found that the same mineral ratio was appearing with the same health concern virtually 99% of the time over a 10 year period of analyzing hair samples (The Healthview Newsletter, Issue 27-29, 1981). When he figured out how to correct the ratios with specific supplementation, the health concerns vanished. We see this time and time again with our clients.


The Healthview Newsletter, Issue 27-29, 1981.

Wilson, Lawrence, MD.