Simple is best for a healthy lifestyle, but there are products that make following the Nutritional Balancing protocol easier.

Here you will find my recommendations for these and others to help detoxify your home, cleaning products, and personal care routines. This section contains affiliate links. If you buy something through an affiliate link, you will not pay anything more, but I will get a small commission.

Sauna Therapy

Healing Hut Saunas sells a near infrared sauna made to Dr. Wilson's specifications. It is visually pleasing, made of quality materials and compact. 

Disclosure: Healing Hut Saunas is owned by Kelly Storrs.


For our youngest customers or those wanting to start with single lamp therapy, SaunaSpace offers a table-top Near Infrared Single Light Panel. Both of my girls use a single lamp for their daily sauna. We all love the calming, healing effects that begin as soon as we turn the light on. 

You may also just illuminate one of the four bulbs in a sauna sold by Healing Hut Saunas for single lamp therapy.


Coffee enemas, foot reflexology, skin brushing

Silicone Enema Bag with travel bag

Bulletproof Coffee - best for enemas

Foot Reflexology Balls

Shower Brush for Skin Brushing

Manual Coffee Grinder for Enemas

Electric Coffee Grinder for Enemas

Personal Care


Product recommendations coming soon!

Food Preparation

6-quart Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker Lid to use as a slow cooker

Silicone Steamer Insert for Pressure Cooker and Stovetop Pans

Bamboo Non-Slip Cutting Board - Large

4-cup Measure for Vegetables

Bamboo Jade Salt


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