Replenishing your body is the focus of our practice. We take a four pronged approach: diet, supplements, detoxification and lifestyle. It is not a simple matter of just adding extra minerals that your hair test shows you are deficient in. We take on the entire test for correction at once. It is never solely about correcting one imbalance like copper, or detoxing a certain toxic metal like mercury. Although both of these are important for proper functioning of the body, they will happen alongside eliminating the other toxic metals and balancing the other minerals with our program.

Preferred Minerals

One of the most interesting and clear ways to understand what needs to happen to replenish your body is the idea of preferred minerals. For each reaction that needs to occur in the body, there are preferred or ideal minerals to enable it. When the preferred or ideal minerals are not available, often the body can and does substitute less preferred minerals in enzyme binding sites and elsewhere in the body. The body will still function, just not as well.

A few examples of which minerals are replaceable by less preferred minerals include:

  • Zinc by cadmium, mercury and nickel
  • Calcium and magnesium by lead
  • Chromium by lead and cadmium
  • Phosphorus by lead and arsenic

Sometimes, a different form of the same preferred mineral replaces the ideal form. This occurs with:

  • Magnesium
  • Potassium (high quality potassium can be replaced by the the toxic potassium found in superphosphate or N-P-K fertilizers)
  • Iron (oxide form replaces)
  • Manganese (oxide form replaces)
  • Copper (oxide form replaces)

To reverse the process and replace less preferred minerals with more preferred minerals, we use a specific diet, supplementation based on your hair analysis, detoxification procedures, and a healthy lifestyle.


Our diet includes a large base of cooked vegetables, some animal protein daily, limited grains and beans, fats in an amount determined by the oxidation rate from your hair test, and spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water for drinking.

We recommend avoiding:

  • All fruit, which is high in sugar and does not contain the right forms and balance of minerals 
  • All added sweeteners, including natural ones like honey and maple syrup due to their sugar content
  • Pork, which may contain trichina cysts and other parasites, even when properly cooked
  • Fish and shellfish, except tiny fish like sardines, due to mercury toxicity
  • Any gluten containing food
  • Soy foods, except occasional use of traditionally fermented soy products like tofu, tempeh and miso.

Cooked vegetables in the diet supply a large amount of the preferred minerals. The human cannot extract enough nutrients from raw vegetables, so cooking is always recommended. 

Animal proteins are important sources of zinc, B-vitamins, amino acids, taurine, carnitine, alpha-lipoic acid, and omega-3 fatty acids. Vegetarian diets may make a person feel better at first due to eliminating junk food and allergenic foods; however, hair tests show that serious mineral deficiencies result from vegetarian diets.

Grains and dried beans are tolerated by some people and are limited on our program. We recommend amounts based on your hair analysis.

Fats are important for proper brain and nervous system function, and for energy production and cell membrane health. We recommend between 5% and 20% of your diet be from fat, depending on your hair analysis. Fast oxidizers and all children need more fat than slow oxidizers. Eating more fat than this, as is often recommended by the paleo, Weston A. Price Foundation, and ketogenic diets, may normalize weight, but will likely introduce an excess of estrogens into your body. The excess fats and animal protein which in these diets replace vegetables and do not provide enough minerals.

We recommend drinking spring water or carbon-only filtered water. 2-3L per day will help with elimination of toxic metals and less preferred minerals. Water should be thought of as a whole food, so altering by reverse-osmosis filtering, purification, acid-alkaline balancing or any other means makes it less healthful for your body.


Supplementation is necessary for everyone today. Some of the many reasons include:

  • Less nutritious food today than 100 years ago - Higher yield farming has produced more food per square acre, meaning the nutrients in the soil are divided among a greater number of plants.
  • The sun does not provide enough Vitamin D - Clogged skin leads to poor absorption.
  • Poor treatment of animals - Feeding farm animals grain reduces the omega-3 fatty acid content of the meat and creates dietary deficiencies.
  • Increased toxic metals and chemicals - Cell phone radiation, pollution, toxic cleaning products, increased vaccination and increased medication all require a stronger body to reduce absorption.
  • Balancing your body chemistry requires specific proportions of certain minerals - It is impossible to determine exactly which nutrients you are getting from food. Supplementation gives us a controlled way to ensure you are getting what your body needs.

We recommend purchasing most of the supplements from Endo-met Laboratories. If you purchase through our account, you will receive a 20% discount, helping to offset the cost of getting your hair tested. You can read about Endo-met's standards here. Endo-met Laboratories is affiliated with Analytical Research Labs, Inc. and produces specific multi vitamin-mineral supplements for each of the three main oxidation rates. It would be difficult and much more costly to attempt to recreate these supplements using different brands. We have found that other brands are often not as effective, even if they are more expensive. This occurs with calcium/magnesium products, zinc, fish oil and vitamin D.

Basic supplement protocol:

We recommend taking the supplements three times per day. We will coach you on how to work into your supplements at a safe and comfortable pace.

Most people will be placed on the basic supplement program plus a few others as indicated by the hair analysis. We determine dosing based on your hair analysis, size and gender. The basic program includes:

  • A multivitamin for balancing your oxidation rate
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Kelp
  • Trimethylglycine (TMG)
  • Omega-3 (Fish Oil)
  • Vitamin D
  • A digestive aid


Your body is actively detoxifying all the time. How well you are about to detoxify is dependent on a number of factors, including your diet, your available energy for detoxification and the state of your eliminative organs. These organs include your liver, kidneys, skin and lungs. A breakdown in any of these areas will reduce your ability to detoxify. Everyone today can benefit from additional detoxification support. The diet and supplements we recommend will set the stage by giving your body what it needs to thrive. Our detoxification protocols will help mobilize and eliminate toxins so the preferred minerals can assume their optimal places.

Note: The detoxification protocols described below will likely cause powerful healing. A complete nutritional balancing program is strongly recommended so that the body can handle and eliminate mobilized toxins. Please take caution and speak with a healthcare provider when adding these protocols outside of a complete nutritional balancing program.

The majority of our clients work into the detoxification procedures as they become comfortable with the diet and supplements and wish to progress more quickly with healing. While daunting to many at first due to time or other factors, the detoxification protocols are usually enjoyed by our clients. The detoxification protocols we will coach you on and encourage you to do include:

  • Near Infrared Light Sauna Therapy
    • To remove toxic metals, toxic chemicals, chronic infections and other blockages
    • Generally recommended for 20-60 minutes per day
    • Requires a near infrared light sauna which can be built at home for $200-$400 depending on materials or purchased from us (coming soon!) or other vendors
  • Coffee Enemas
    • Mechanically clean the colon and enhance liver function
    • Rid the body of parasites
    • Improve mental health
    • Provide preferred minerals and antioxidants 
    • Promotes relaxation and hydration
    • Generally recommended 1-4 times per day
    • Requires organically grown medium-dark roast coffee, distilled water, a filter, an enema bag or bucket and a small amount of lubricant (like coconut oil) which can cost less than $40 plus the ongoing cost of purchasing coffee
  • Foot Reflexology
    • For stimulating certain parts of your body and promoting healing
    • Excellent for healing reactions, including abdominal pain and headaches
    • Generally recommended 10-20 minutes per day and can be done during a coffee enema or sauna
    • Requires no special equipment, however, you may wish to purchase inexpensive rollers, balls or pencil-like objects
    • You may also wish to receive professional reflexology occasionally to learn the procedure or as a relaxing treat
  • Spinal Twist
    • For proper alignment of spinal column and joints
    • Recommended 1-2 times per day
    • Requires no special equipment
  • Pushing Down Mental Exercise
    • A simple mental concentration exercise that has you push energy down toward your feet
    • Helps alleviate many mental health problems and improve mental concentration
    • Recommended while doing coffee enemas or sauna therapy
    • Non-religious
    • No special equipment required
  • Other detoxification procedures may be recommended depending on your needs such as ozone therapy and peroxide baths


We coach you on lifestyle modifications to enhance your healing in the areas of sleep, sun exposure, exercise, stress reduction, and reducing your exposure to toxins.

If it seems like a lot, do not worry, we are here to coach you through the entire program. Our main focus is on the diet, as this is the foundation of nutritional balancing. All we ask is that you trust us. Deep healing is possible and worth every amount of effort to get there. 

What happens after I reveal my imbalances and replenish my body?