Our Mission:

R^3 exists to give our clients personal control of their wellness through individual and analytically-based dietary, supplement and detoxification recommendations to reduce stress and increase vitality safely.

Our Beliefs:

  • One of the biggest problems facing our society today is declining wellness. The evidence is clear - autism rates have doubled, infertility and diabetes are soaring, cancer is claiming the lives of millions of people. We believe wide societal change is necessary, but that you should not have to wait for the authorities to realize their mistakes. Change can and should start at a point of personal impact - with you.

  • You control your wellness. Your efforts, aided by our analysis and consulting, can change the course of your life. You do not need to find that one pill that will make your health concerns disappear. It does not exist.

  • Your body is an amazing system. We cannot comprehend all of its complexities, but we can work through proven methods to support your body to balance itself. Because your body is a made of systems within systems, everything you add to it has effects throughout the body. The minerals work together in your body to preserve life and health, so changing one necessarily impacts the others. If you are deficient in a mineral, you cannot simply supplement that mineral.

  • Your body is actively detoxifying itself right now. Everyone living on earth today has toxins that are building up in their body continuously. It might be from a known cause like aluminum in deodorant, or mercury in dental fillings, but toxins also build up from a stressful lifestyle, pushing oneself without proper rest, and traumatic events. Everyone can benefit from specific protocols to encourage their body to detoxify effectively.

  • Scientific studies are incredibly valuable, but are not comprehensive enough today. Drug companies financially sponsor the vast majority of the research done about the human body and it's potential. Double blind studies, the gold-standard in the medical community, are difficult or impossible for certain procedures. Our method has been used by over 50,000 people (including over 500 pregnant women and children). It is clinically proven to be safe and effective.

Our Method:

R^3 offers a complete Nutritional Balancing program to our clients. This program uses hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) to assess your body's energy systems and level of stress. We develop custom dietary guidelines and targeted supplement recommendations based on your hair analysis. In addition, we provide lifestyle and detoxification coaching to give you the best chance to increase your physical and emotional energy and overcome your health concerns.

Our clients are men, women, and children (including newborns) who want to take control of their mental, emotional, and physical health in a safe and natural way without the use of medical drugs. Doctors may have told you that you have to live with whatever annoying or debilitating symptoms you currently experience. Maybe they have told you that they can treat the symptoms through traditional drug-therapy, but you are unwilling to take on the side-effects of that treatment. We have been there, too, and we strive to provide an alternate, effective path to wellness.

A complete Nutritional Balancing program combines ancient healing methods with modern scientific analysis to enhance your vitality or life-force. We believe your body can heal itself if you give it the resources it needs in proven proportions.   

    Our method Has HELPED PEOPLE WITH:

    • Mental and emotional problems
    • Copper toxicity
    • Heavy metal toxicity
    • Brain fog
    • Joint pain
    • Pyroluria
    • ...and many other common and unusual health concerns
    • Digestive disorders
    • Sexual and reproductive concerns
    • Cardiovascular problems
    • Weight loss/gain
    • Thyroid issues
    • Chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue
    • Recurrent infections
    • Candida overgrowth

    Meet Kelly, R^3's founder and nutrition, detoxification, and supplementation consultant.


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