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Nutritional Balancing

Our main service is for those who want to scientifically zero in on their health concerns through a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) and complete Nutritional Balancing program. Experience overwhelming positive change in your life through diet, supplementation, lifestyle and detoxification protocols.

We have discount packages available for families ($25 off per person). Often, the best indicator for success on any dietary program is family support. Work together to restore and enhance your vitality. We work with people of any age, including newborns.

Kelly Storrs is certified in Nutritional Balancing Science.

What is included?

All of our clients on a complete nutritional balancing program receive the following:

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis from Analytical Research Labs, Inc. Note: We use Analytical Research Labs, Inc. because they do not wash the hair samples at the lab and they present the results in a calibrated chart that makes it simple for clients and consultants to analyze and understand the results.

  • Nutritional Balancing Program set up by Dr. Lawrence Wilson. Based on your hair analysis results, the program includes specific dietary, lifestyle, detoxification and supplementation recommendations. Dr. Wilson has been healing clients with nutritional balancing for 35 years.

  • Four (4) consultations with Kelly Storrs

    • Initial: When you send in your hair sample, I will send you a series of four emails that introduces the program and the diet, prepares you for the detoxification procedures, and introduces you to some aspects of a healing lifestyle. These emails are packed with practical information and links for those who wish to go more in depth. I will get you started on your healing path straight away, without having to wait for your results.

    • Results Review: When your hair tissue mineral analysis results are available in about 3 weeks, I will send you a lengthy analysis email and your protocol. We will spend 40-60 minutes discussing your results over video chat or the phone. I will provide you with supplementation recommendations based on your results. We will also discuss any questions or concerns that have come up since you started making positive changes.

    • First Progress Check: At least two weeks after you have received your results, we will do your first progress check. We will spend 15 minutes on any questions or concerns you have. You are responsible for contacting me to set up the progress checks.

    • Second Progress Check: Another 15 minute consultation to go over questions or concerns around the six week mark.

  • Ongoing support for 6 months or until your next hair test. Short questions often arise during your program. These are handled through email. For more extensive questions, please schedule additional consultation time with Kelly at a rate of $60/hour (charged in 15 minute increments).

What is the cost?

The cost is $250 for a new adult client. Retests (as long as client is purchasing supplements from my Endo-met Laboratories account) are $200.

The cost is $175 for a new child client. Child retests are $150.

When two or more people living in the same household wish to be on the program, all their tests are discounted $25.

What additional costs are involved?

  • Supplements: The cost of the supplements average $150/month for an adult and significantly less for a child ($10-$50). The cost can be cut down by taking the supplements only twice per day, instead of three times per day, but progress will be slower. As an R^3 client, you will receive a 20% discount from Endo-met Laboratories on all supplement purchases. Over time, the savings on supplements with our discount often pays for the cost of the hair analysis.

  • Detoxification: You will need to purchase some products to help with detoxification. These include equipment for colon cleansing, a near infrared sauna and a few other small items.

For more details on the supplements and detoxification equipment, please visit our replenish overview page. You can purchase everything you need from our products page.

Not everything must be purchased up front. You can work fully into the program at your pace; however, greater compliance with each aspect of the program will yield faster results.

A La Carte Support

Here at R^3, we recognize that everyone has different needs. Some people come to us already loving to cook and benefit from cookbook recommendations, while others desire on-site grocery shopping and in-home cooking support. We are here to meet you where you are. If you don't see what you need on our products page, contact us, and we'll set something up together to help you achieve your wellness goals.


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