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hair analysis

We always begin with a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA). HTMA is a non-invasive tissue biopsy that measures the levels of 21 minerals with an accuracy of +/- 3%. The mineral disposition in your hair tissue reflects your vitality and assesses and predicts the physical and psychological state of your body.

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The dietary recommendations are based on the findings in your hair analysis. For everyone, a large base of cooked vegetables is recommended. Additionally, your body requires specific amounts and types of protein, healthy fats, and, for some, limited grains. Specific types and amounts of drinking water are also recommended. The diet is the most important part of the program.


Supplements are given to balance the ratios indicated by your hair test. Food today simply does not provide the nutrition we need, making supplementation necessary for everyone. Shotgun supplementing based on symptoms is often inaccurate and expensive, and can negatively influence your health. We give as few supplements as possible with an emphasis on safety, cost, and efficacy.


Your daily habits including sleep, relaxation, mental attitudes, and sun exposure all impact your wellness and affect the rate at which your body can heal. We coach you through simple changes that can make a huge difference in your progress.


There are a few procedures at home that greatly enhance the body's ability to eliminate toxins, both biological and chemical. These include near infrared light sauna therapy, colon cleansing, and skin brushing. Our clients report that they come to enjoy both the procedures and the results. 


After 3-5 months, we recommend retesting your hair for an updated program. As you continue on the program different mineral imbalances will be revealed. An up-to-date program will ensure you are targeting your current imbalances and giving your body what it needs to continue to move forward.

Nutritional balancing is ...

a sophisticated, integrated system for healing the body at a very deep level.  it uses principles from both ancient and modern healing arts to drastically increase the vitality level of the body.

Nutritional balancing is not a remedy science, and does not involve the diagnosis of diseases.  In this way, it differs markedly from modern allopathic medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, herbalism, and almost all nutritional therapies.  Remedies are simply not needed, in almost all cases, if one balances the body properly.

Diagnosis of diseases is not needed, either, in almost all cases. By re-nourishing and balancing the body chemistry properly, most diseases and symptoms simply vanish. When the whole body system becomes balanced and strengthened at deep levels, most diseases disappear on their own without a need to know about them and without a need to name them.

Nutritional Balancing is for...

anyone who wishes to improve their health. People who have experienced the following health concerns have benefited from nutritional balancing:

  • Renal or Kidney Disorders
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Infections
  • Postural/Structural/Mechanical Issues
  • Problems with Sensory Organs
  • Pain
  • ...and more...                   
  • Digestive
  • Endocrine
  • Sexual and Reproductive
  • Dental
  • Cardiovascular
  • Respiratory Conditions
  • Nervous System                                               

Nutritional balancing science...

was developed by mineral researcher Dr. Paul C. Eck about 45 years ago as a way to safely realign mineral ratios in the body to improve energy and vitality, Nutritional Balancing science been expanded by Lawrence Wilson, MD to increase its effectiveness. 

Dr. Eck drew upon the work of many innovative doctors and scientists of the twentieth century, including Hans Selye, MD (stress theory of disease), Melvin Page, DDS (autonomic nervous system balancing), and George Watson, PhD (oxidation types).  He synthesized a new system of healing specifically for the needs of the 21st century. 

Since Dr. Eck's passing in 1996, Dr. Wilson has continued and expanded his work, adding greatly to the dietary recommendations and detoxification protocols. Dr. Eck’s children maintain Analytical Research Laboratories (hair analysis lab) and Endo-met Laboratories (supplement company), which Dr. Eck founded.  The lab has not updated the computerized recommendations enough.  As a result, we cannot recommend their computerized dietary and supplement programs.  The safest and most effective method is a complete nutritional balancing program overseen by Dr. Wilson.

Article adapted from Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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