Skin Brushing

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One of the best things you can do for your skin is...

brush it every time you are in the shower. Not only may skin brushing reduce cellulite and get rid of the rough patches that naturally happen on your elbows, knees, and sit bones, skin brushing also clears your pores allowing your body to more effectively detox.

In the winter, skin brushing is particularly effective for removing dead skin cells from dry skin and promoting circulation during the cold months. In the summer, skin brushing helps clean the skin from sweat or other contaminants it's exposed to during summer activities (e.g., swimming pool chemicals, sunscreens, bug sprays, etc.). If you tend at all towards dry or itchy skin, using a stiff bristled brush in the shower feels nothing short of amazing all year long.

Your skin is your largest detoxification organ in your body, but if it is clogged, it cannot do its job. Your skin is capable of eliminating millions of metals, chemicals, gases and toxic organisms and is the sole eliminative organ for some of these. Brushing your skin is the cheapest and easiest way to improve its detox capabilities.


I encourage my clients to do wet skin brushing in the shower. It should add no more than 2-3 minutes to your shower. The easiest way to work this into your routine is to use the brush to soap up and wash your body.

Steps to effectively skin brush:

1. Wet your body in the shower.

2. Spray or rub soap on your body directly or rub the skin brush over a wet bar of soap.

3. Use the brush all over your body in all directions. Make sure you go all over your entire body. Brush your fingers, palms, arms, elbows, neck, chest, belly, feet, toes, soles of feet, legs, knees, buttocks, sit bones, hips, and back.

4. Use a face loofa or soft bristled brush to brush your face, neck, and chest for women (and any other areas that are too sensitive for the stiff bristled brush).

4. Rinse off the brushes and your body.

5. IMPORTANT: After you have dried off, try to avoid putting lotions on your skin, unless absolutely necessary. After you brush, your skin can breathe. You don't want to clog it right back up with lotion, no matter how natural. I have found that a touch of 100% organic shea butter is effective on the rare occasions that I absolutely must have some extra moisture on my skin.

TYPE of brush to purchase

There is no need to purchase the expensive natural brushes which cost $10-$20 or more. Based on my experience and that of Dr. Wilson, these brushes easily grown mold and frequently need replacing.

My favorite places to purchase skin brushes are discount stores like T.J. Maxx and HomeGoods. You can also find them in box stores like Target and WalMart. They generally cost $2-$5. Look for a skin brush with a long plastic handle and synthetic bristles. They usually have at least one kind in stock. I like going to an actual store to purchase a skin brush so I can feel the bristles. Some of the ones I have purchased online have been too soft. I ended up saving them for my children who have more sensitive skin, but they were too soft for my needs.

I also use a face sponge/loofa pad. This can be purchased at one of the above mentioned stores or a health food store such as Whole Foods.

If you notice mold on your brush or loofa, replace it. Since you are only spending a few dollars, you won't feel bad getting a fresh one every month or two.