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Detoxification is the process of removing toxic substances or qualities from your body. It is a natural function of your body and goes on 24 hours a day for your entire life. How well you avoid building up toxins - through protective measures like a proper diet and specific detoxification procedures to rid the body of toxins that get through - determines in large part how healthy you are. 

Dr. Lawrence Wilson has this to say about the increased toxicity of the world around us compared to previous generations:

"While toxic metals have always been around, as have biological toxins such as bacteria and viruses, the latter half of the 20th century and the 21st century on planet earth have seen an increase in toxic metals and toxic chemicals in the food, air and water that is unprecedented. The levels of toxic metals, thanks to industrialization, are 1000 times higher than in any previous century in many areas.  In addition, over 10,000 toxic chemicals have found their way into our air, water and food supplies.  We also contact them through our skin on a daily basis.

"In addition, the advent of cell phone technology, along with large-screen televisions and computers, has added a large amount of toxic electromagnetic fields to the atmosphere of many nations on earth.

"For this reason, the topic of detoxification is far more important today than it was 100 years ago, for example, when so-called modern medicine was established.  While bacteria and viruses are still very important, conventional medical care is far behind nutritional balancing and other healing modalities that recognize and regularly deal with the 21st century problem of metal and chemical toxicity." (source)

Dr. Wilson's argument is that focusing on disease caused by viruses and bacteria at the exclusion of recognizing metal and chemical toxicity has rendered the medical profession partially ineffective at dealing with many of the health problems we encounter today.

Our bodies simply cannot keep up with the onslaught of toxins as evidenced by the hair tests we review. Nearly every hair test we evaluate shows either elevated levels of toxic metals/mineral forms and/or extremely low levels of these toxic metals and mineral forms.

The extremely low levels present interesting cases. They are nearly always indications that the body is having difficulty eliminating toxins, rather than indications of healthy low levels. When the levels dip below a specific amount for each measured metal or mineral, we call them "poor eliminators." At an even lower level, they are termed "very poor eliminators." The interesting thing that is happening in the body is that rather than detoxing the normal and expected amount, the body is actually retaining the minerals and metals in its tissues such as the brain and/or liver. Almost always, when people with (very) poor eliminators follow a nutritional balancing program, after some time, the stored minerals and metals will be released. We then see a spike on the hair retest for those minerals and metals that are released from storage and usually an improvement in symptoms.

Can you just do a cleanse or chelate out the toxins? 

When most people think about detox, they think about a cleanse or other short term effort like chelation to "reset" the body and force out toxins quickly. Unfortunately, because we are constantly coming in contact with toxins through our food, water, and air, detoxification is something that we need to help our body do on a daily basis.

Short term cleanses are not enough to mobilize toxins stored deep in your tissues. Chelation therapy will force out some toxins, but there are still two main problems with chelation. First, the body may not be able to handle the mobilization of toxins in the amount chelated out. This may lead to dangerous or scary side effects as the toxins are mobilized but not eliminated. Second, chelation therapy is never as complete of a detox as can be achieved with nutritional balancing.

Mark Sisson, a leading voice in the ancestral healthy movement, notes that contrary to needing a special "cleanse," "[i]n reality, the body comes equipped with detoxification capabilities. We use the liver, kidneys, and various endogenous antioxidants to remove and/or nullify dangerous compounds that enter the body. And we can improve the functioning of those capacities, either by actively supporting them with necessary precursors or by getting out of their way." (source)


By raising the energy level of the body, through balancing the oxidation rate, energy becomes available for detoxification on a nutritional balancing program. Through diet and supplementation, the program provides your body the exact minerals in proper ratios it needs to remineralize. When your body has both the energy and minerals it needs to heal itself, it does just that. Your body will force out the less preferred minerals/metals and replace them with preferred minerals, effectively detoxing.

Especially in the beginning of your program (the first year), you will greatly speed up your progress by giving daily attention to mobilizing and eliminating toxins through specific detox procedures. Most clients have difficulty eliminating toxins, even if given the proper minerals. We assess the level of difficulty you are having from your hair analysis results by looking in part at the number of poor and very poor eliminators. By adding in specific detox procedures, your body will begin to detox faster and more completely. After some time, you will be able to go into a maintenance phase where you need to do the detox procedures less frequently.

What procedures are involved?

Note: Please do not attempt these detoxification procedures apart from a complete nutritional balancing program. Some, especially the coffee enemas and sauna therapy, may produce powerful healing reactions. If you are on a complete program, the procedures are safe and effective and healing reactions are generally mild.

  • Near Infrared Light Sauna Therapy
    • Removes toxic metals, toxic chemicals, chronic infections and other blockages
    • Generally recommended for 20-60 minutes per day
    • Requires a near infrared light sauna which can be built at home for $200-$400 depending on materials or purchased from us (coming soon!) or other vendors
  • Coffee Enemas
    • Mechanically cleans the colon and enhances liver function
    • Rids the body of parasites
    • Improves mental health
    • Provides preferred minerals and antioxidants 
    • Promotes relaxation and hydration
    • Generally recommended 1-4 times per day
    • Requires organically grown medium-dark roast coffee, distilled water, a filter, an enema bag or bucket and a small amount of lubricant (like coconut oil) which can cost less than $40 plus the ongoing cost of purchasing coffee
  • Foot Reflexology
    • Stimulates certain parts of your body and promotes healing
    • Excellent for healing reactions, including abdominal pain and headaches
    • Generally recommended 10-20 minutes per day and can be done during a coffee enema or sauna
    • Requires no special equipment, however, you may wish to purchase inexpensive rollers, balls or pencil-like objects
    • You may also wish to receive professional reflexology occasionally to learn the procedure or as a relaxing treat
  • Spinal Twist
    • For proper alignment of spinal column and joints
    • Recommended 1-2 times per day
    • Requires no special equipment
  • Pushing Down Mental Exercise
    • A simple mental concentration exercise that has you push energy down toward your feet
    • Helps alleviate many mental health problems and improve mental concentration
    • Recommended while doing coffee enemas or sauna therapy, 30-60 minutes per day
    • Non-religious
    • No special equipment required
  • Other detoxification procedures may be recommended depending on your needs